Around the World of Dating in 90 Days – Date 16



Delicious dessert

I’m committing to 90 days of social dating in order to

  1. Learn more about myself to gain clarity on who and what makes me happy and fulfilled in a romantic partnership
  2. Relax and have a great time

Bachelor #6 Date 3
Location: AMC La Jolla 12 and Seasons 52

  1. On a level of 1-10 (1=We barely speak the same language, 10=We must know each other from past lives), rate your connection: 3
  2. Did I enjoy myself? EH
  3. Do I like what he does for a living? Yes
  4. Does he care about self-development? Yes
  5. Did he treat me with kindness and respect? No
  6. Highlights:
    1. I really like the theater. Reclining chairs FTW!
    2. Seasons 52: Great wine, lobster flatbread, saucy salmon, and then the desserts!! The desserts, OMG: we ordered the pecan pie and chocolate and peanut butter

What did I learn about myself on this date?
I learned that I don’t like men who say stuff like “You’re so hot” and “I want you” on our third date. Or maybe I just didn’t like this particular man saying that. But c’mon, really? He was getting all handsy at the movie theater and I had to be firm with him. I mean, how old are we?? I’m a grown woman and did NOT feel like fending off someone who was behaving like a horny teenager. I did like the movie (Wonder Woman) and made it clear that it was “movie” time, not “makeout” time, but he was pretty persistent which was annoying. Finally he settled down, after which he fell asleep not too long after.

I almost didn’t want to do the followup dinner afterwards, but I DO like Seasons 52, so I thought, why not? And there’s only so much canoodling he could do in a restaurant, right? So Seasons 52 was good food and thankfully, pretty decent conversation so B#6 was redeeming himself slightly, but then he started up the whole “I want you” talk again. I said I had an early morning the next day since my son had a basketball game. He didn’t seem to care about this bit of info (which only involved one of the most important people in my life), which cemented me not caring about him. If he was smart, and perhaps less horny, he would’ve remembered in my dating profile that I referred to my kids as the “two most important people in the world to me.” Needless to say I’m not seeing B#6 again.

Takeaway: I wasn’t able to tell on my first date with B#6 that he was such a horny toad. In all fairness, I understand that sex is important and men typically do have sex more on their minds than women do. But sheesh man, I would prefer a bit more finesse, romance, genuine care and etiquette in the pursuit of getting into my pants. Into my heart and mind first, then the pants.


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