Around the Dating World in 90 Days – Date 13


I’m committing to 90 days of social dating in order to

  1. Learn more about myself to gain clarity on who and what makes me happy and fulfilled in a romantic partnership
  2. Relax and have a great time

Bachelor #9 Date 2
Location: Torch and Blarney Stone Pub

  1. On a level of 1-10 (1=We barely speak the same language, 10=We must know each other from past lives), rate your connection: 8
  2. Did I enjoy myself? Yes
  3. Do I like what he does for a living? Yes
  4. Does he care about self-development? Yes
  5. Did he treat me with kindness and respect? Yes
  6. Highlights:
    1. It was past 10:00pm and I was out salsa dancing with my girlfriend and he still made the effort to come out and see me. If I didn’t enjoy his company I wouldn’t extend the invite, but he said he missed me and I have to say I was impressed with his quick follow-up after our first date. Our first date was on Wednesday and this semi-date was on Friday.
    2. After he drove me home there was a woman at the front of my complex who was totally out of it – looked like she was under the influence of something: drugs or alcohol or both. He stopped to help her even though he seemed totally at a loss at what to do, and called me. Honestly at first I was annoyed that he got me involved (uh, why are you involving me in what could potentially be a dangerous situation??) but then I saw all these other cars passing by and how they didn’t even care to help. I appreciate that he was being a Good Samaritan and that not knowing what to do didn’t stop him and he reached out to me since I’m a woman who may not be as threatening to another woman and this person may possibly be my neighbor. We called the paramedics and waited for the ambulance to come.

What did I learn about myself on this date?
At the pub after salsa dancing, he paid for my beer and offered to get my friend something (she didn’t want anything). I’m not a big fan of beer, but we all wanted to talk more about business and startups and for some reason, bars frown upon people who just want to sit and talk and drink water. So we had some beer and as all three of us were chatting about business I learned how important it is for me to be with someone who is intellectually on the same or, in this case, smarter wavelength. I mean, this guy is a brainiac with two engineering degrees, an MBA, and a partridge in a pear tree. (kidding about the partridge).

Takeaway: B#9 doesn’t have a lot of money at the moment, but he has drive, ambition, and most importantly a good heart. And he has assets. So yeah, that helps.


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