Around the Dating World in 90 Days – Date 12

raspberry truffle cake


I’m committing to 90 days of social dating in order to

  1. Learn more about myself to gain clarity on who and what makes me happy and fulfilled in a romantic partnership
  2. Relax and have a great time

Bachelor #9
Location: Loving Hut & 85 degrees Bakery

  1. On a level of 1-10 (1=We barely speak the same language, 10=We must know each other from past lives), rate your connection: 8
  2. Did I enjoy myself? Yes
  3. Do I like what he does for a living? Yes
  4. Does he care about self-development? Yes
  5. Did he treat me with kindness and respect? Yes
  6. Highlights:
    1. We talked so much that we were there till after the restaurant closed down and instead of ending the night he wanted to continue to conversation and get me dessert at 85 degrees bakery.
    2. We walked around the 85 degrees bakery mall until after all the shops closed down, just talking and getting to know each other.

What did I learn about myself on this date?
He’s an entrepreneur who had been working in the corporate world previously as an engineer and then as a marketer for a company in San Diego for 15 years. This is his first year running his own self-funded startup and he’s not only very intellectual, but he seems to have a very strong spiritual side too which I really connected with.

I learned that I prefer men who 1) feed me well (dessert is always a nice bonus!) 2) are open and candid about their beliefs and are more spiritual than rule-driven religious

Takeaway: Since B#9 is in his first year running his startup with literally just one customer under his belt he has no steady income stream at the moment. As a mother of two, this is a bit of a concern for me. Not only about the lack of stability/security, but also: can he really have time for a relationship if he’s getting his business off the ground?

I may see B#9 again, but I’m looking for someone more settled at this stage in his life.


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