Around the World of Dating in 90 Days – Date 7


I’m committing to 90 days of social dating in order to

  1. Learn more about myself to gain clarity on who and what makes me happy and fulfilled in a romantic partnership
  2. Relax and have a great time

Bachelor #6 
Location: Ballast Point

  1. On a level of 1-10 (1=We barely speak the same language, 10=We must know each other from past lives), rate your connection: 9
  2. Did I enjoy myself? YES
  3. Do I like what he does for a living? Yes
  4. Does he care about self-development? Yes
  5. Did he treat me with kindness and respect? Yes
  6. Highlights:
    1. Had a glass of wine, calamari, AND a shrimp salad: I came from Zumba class and I was HUNGRY, so I was happy he fed me even though it was the first time we met and even talked
    2. When he stopped in the middle of dinner to tell me he was having a great time (I was too!)
    3. That I arrived in my Zumba workout clothes, sweaty, hair a mess, and he was all dressed up, smelling great with cologne, and looking… well, showered unlike me

What did I learn about myself on this date?
I can trust my instincts. For some reason when I swiped right on B#6 in the dating app I just knew in my gut that this would be an “easy” date, meaning I’d feel comfortable, be myself, and that I’d have an instant easy rapport. I didn’t know if there would be chemistry, but I knew that I’d enjoy myself and at the very least make a new friend.

Takeaway: There are SOOO many interesting, wonderful men in this big, beautiful world of ours. B#6 was a welcome surprise – he’s an electrical engineer AND has social skills (no offense to all you EEs out there). He’s also an outrigger canoe instructor (I didn’t even know that such a thing existed) and considers himself a pagan with Buddhist tendencies if he had to put a label on his beliefs.

I feel like my world has expanded from the 2 hours I spent over dinner with him, and when I reflect on the men I’ve met so far I can say that’s true for everyone – that because they’re all new people in my reality with their own hobbies, wants in life, perspectives on the world, my life has become richer for knowing them, even if only for a brief moment in time (yes, even Mr. Sahara Desert). It makes me feel optimistic and even more excited about my 90-day project. Who else will I meet? What other interesting personalities and perspectives of the world will I learn about, and in turn, learn about myself? In what other ways will my world view expand? Hmmm…


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