Around the Dating World in 90 Days – Date 5


I’m committing to 90 days of social dating in order to

  1. Learn more about myself to gain clarity on who and what makes me happy and fulfilled in a romantic partnership
  2. Relax and have a great time

Bachelor #5
Location: Ballast Point

  1. On a level of 1-10 (1=We barely speak the same language, 10=We must know each other from past lives), rate your connection: 1
  2. Did I enjoy myself? Barely
  3. Do I like what he does for a living? Yes
  4. Does he care about self-development? Nope
  5. Did he treat me with kindness and respect? Yes
  6. Highlights:
    1. My glass of Cabernet was awwwesome!
    2. He has really nice eyes and a beard

What did I learn about myself on this date?
Wow, OK, to say that this man was as dry as the Sahara Desert probably isn’t completely fair. He’s super smart – he graduated from Cornell, has a law degree, and is thinking of getting his MBA or CPA. He’s a project manager and he thinks mistakes are unacceptable. He’s a hard worker, is tall, likes to play basketball, and is interested in estate planning. Plus, I liked his eyes and beard.

But man, oh man, I just felt zero, zip, nada, zilch connection. He was eyeing me a bit so I thought, Hmm…he’s got a pulse. But after that bit of aliveness in his eyes, I couldn’t find a vibe to meet him at. We talked a bit about his past relationship, but that returned a fairly dry answer and when I asked him what was he looking for that brought up more sand (figuratively speaking) that slipped so quickly through my mind that I can barely recall what he said. Before one hour was up I told him I had to go, gave him a hug, thanked him, and said it was nice to meet him.  I really do in my heart wish him luck with dating and hope I didn’t come across as abrupt or rude.

Takeaway: I can’t connect with a guy who’s uber logical or…I dunno…”dry.” He wasn’t offensive – just too in his head that I couldn’t feel him at all. And well, I’m all about the feels. So…next!


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